Current Favourite Reads

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My exams are finally over (for now). Ignoring my education, for now, I will indulge in the guilty pleasure that is books.

The best thing about studying English at a university level is that you get to read lots. Two of my courses this semester contained lots of excellent reading. In my American Literature course, we only got to read excerpts but English Literature consists of whole works. Just this semester I’ve had the chance to read Persuasion by Jane Austen, Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, and The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles.

The things I might buy for myself are usually skincare, clothing, and books. As is I didn’t read enough for school. As the books I read for Uni are limited to certain themes, I can explore anything else in my spare time. Having six full wishlists to choose from, it’s just about picking something.

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The Coveteur

This book is from my “Trés Chic” wishlist, because where else could it possibly belong? The title of the books says it all: The Coveteur, made by the people running the website of the same name. Their gig is: they visit the homes of designers, models, entrepreneurs, and influencers etc. They are interviewed and then their closets are raided. Pictures are taken for all of us to see. There are many people featured in this book, and many personal favourites. It’s also great to explore new areas outside of my day-to-day interests and see the fashionable elite within those areas.

It’s amazing how differently people can decorate and personalise their living spaces. It really shows how a person thinks how they get their inspiration in their daily lives. The interviews, or rather descriptions, are only one small page per person, so you get a lot more pictures than text if that’s what you’re hoping for.

This book was really a winner for me. It’s one of those books that I would display in my room rather than hide it in my bookshelf. As a fairly decent reader, I was done reading in a couple of hours.  However, this book is one you can look through over and over again to get inspired on your own.

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At The Existentialist Cafe

I am still currently reading this because I’ve never had the chance to read the last couple of weeks. This is quite different from what I would usually read. It’s my first book on a specific kind of philosophy. I must say that I’ve never been fanatically interested in existentialism before (although I can relate to the angst, who can’t?).

What really dragged me in was the mention of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. They were both excellent writers in their time and also lovers. They lived their lives on their own accord and loved freely, even when they were in a relationship. We also follow the likes of Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger and his family, Edmund Husserl, Richard Wright, and many more. The book even has a list of characters in the back.


Bakewell covers many aspects of existentialism. We get to learn about Phenomenology which was the predecessor to existentialism. We delve into the great minds of those who began to see life in a new way, and those who shaped the philosophy to suit their own brand of self. The book explores the beginning of the 1930s and moves into the Second World War with all of its unspeakable horrors and how it affected Jewish existentialists (and even those who became Nazis, like Heidegger).

At this point in my reading, I have come to love the way that Bakewell presents existentialism. She does not skip the fact that the philosophy is a soft science, always changing and different to each individual. Everyone perceives themselves and the world differently and there is definitely a version of existentialism for each person. With this book, I have come to understand the philosophy and its roots as a whole, and even being able to find where I belong in that philosophy.

In short, I really like these books. I hope I maybe inspired someone to check these out as that was how I discovered these in the first place.

You can buy The Coveteur here and At The Existentialist Cafe here.

I hope everyone else is reading a good book at the moment. What are you currently reading?



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